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Communication is a value and a way of life for our family; and relationships are more important than all the wealth in the world. Reach out to us today and discover why we are different from other breeders, and if we are a good fit with you. We want you to know us.
We provide AKC High Quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to loving homes.

We are the Aughenbaugh Family. The Cochran family helped us get started raising these beautiful dogs.
We have introduced genetics from other lines as well. We strive to continue a good legacy, as well as to
establish a healthy and sociable source of Cavaliers for pet, and therapy dogs.
We personally deliver our dogs to your door. We prefer not to ship or send with dog deliverers other
than ourselves. We want to know you. We want you to know us. Again, communication is a value and
a way of life for our family; and relationships are more important than all the wealth in the world. We
respond promptly to all communications.

About Us

Janna Aughenbaugh

Janna is an amazing woman, a wonderful mother, and an incredible teacher. She raised dogs growing up and brings a life-time of experience and instinct to how she interacts with the dogs. She also gives that wisdom and insight to our children who spend time with all our dogs! Janna has a master’s in special education. If you have a child with special needs, or are interested in dogs for therapeutic work, please reach out to her. Dove is her special Cavalier.

Jesse Aughenbaugh

Jesse is a Christian missionary and pastor. He loves his family and believes that raising animals is a healthy part of human life. As a visitation pastor to seniors he worked with Kind at Heart Ministries in Siloam Springs, AR. He later assisted the visitation ministry at Bear Valley Church in Lakewood, CO. Cavaliers are a great dog for seniors! They love to sit with you for long hours. They also like walks and can help encourage you to get out and go for a stroll each day. They are great with grandchildren. They can also work in memory care clinics or be brought along for visits. Mudd and Bella are his special Cavaliers.


Anna Aughenbaugh

Anna is our resident animal shepherd. She is incredibly attuned to her animals sounds and appearance. If anything is wrong, Anna will be the first to recognize it, and at 10 years old is already able to describe the changes in behavior or sounds so that adults can understand and correctly meet the animals needs. She loves all types of animals – even ones that might give you the creeps! Ginger is her special Cavalier, and Tansy loves to play with her. She is already adept at training and handling animals. All her animals love her.

Elijah Aughenbaugh

Elijah is a responsible young boy. He is very active and strong, and is learning very young how to train and protect animals. He is disciplined and diligent in how he cares for our animals. He is fearless and confident and helps the animals to absorb that mentality. His special Cavalier is Rex King Charles III,
named in honor of the current monarch of the UK as well as the namesake of the breed.

Our Interns

David Berg

We have an internship program for young men. David Berg was a valuable intern. We were very impressed with his desire and willingness to learn and take on responsibility. The animals bonded quickly and easily to him. He learned professional training techniques and was a great influence on all our animals. With his energy and zeal he helped us to carefully track food and animal weights, and make sure that each animal received exactly the professional care it needed. Our puppies are much better
because of his presence.  Thank you, David, and congratulations on completing the Emit Rite of Passage Internship.

What to expect; More of what you see!

How do I get a Puppy​

Once a deposit is placed on a puppy, we will provide at least one picture and video each day that will not only be cute, but also demonstrate the care, affection, training, or other real interaction that we have with the puppy. We will also be able to have other personal interactions with you by appointments that fit both our schedules; or with scheduled group zoom calls. Relationships are worth more than all the wealth in the world. Trust is the basis.


Jesse and Janna Aughenbaugh

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +506 7214 1880 / Janna

WhatsApp: +1 (501) 204-0245 / Jesse